NYSAR3 is proposing a number of changes to its bylaws.  These changes need to be reviewed and approved by the general membership.    In addition to a number of changes which we believe clarify various sections which may have been considered vague, the key changes proposed include:


  • Clarifies Honorary Members shall have the full rights, including voting, of a paid member.
  • Allowances for elections to take place at times other than at the Annual Meeting
  • Establishes a seat on the Board for representative from the NYSDEC
  • Clarifies the procedure to fill a vacancy on the Board
  • Clarifies the duties of the President or his designee, not the Secretary, include the ability to call for a meeting of the Board
  • Includes verbiage that Conflict of Interest restrictions apply to Contractors as well as employees and Board members.
  • Requires an audit upon the vote/direction of the Board
  • Includes a “No Endorsement Policy”


Download a pdf of the revised by-laws here.

For more information contact Ken Armellino.