Recycling Leadership Awards Committee

Each year, NYSAR3 selects individuals and teams who have distinguished themselves by their exceptional contributions to recycling and waste prevention efforts in New York to receive Recycler of the Year awards. We all work with people who have labored tirelessly for recycling and waste reduction initiatives in New York and deserve the recognition.  Taking the time to put someone’s achievements into words is much appreciated.

Award recipients typically demonstrate the following:

  • A long-term commitment to waste prevention, reuse, recycling, composting, market development, or community involvement.
  • Innovation in proposing or implementing new, modified, or unique technologies, processes, or promotion.
  • Transferability of recycling or waste prevention programs, processes, or efforts.

The award(s) are presented at the Annual Recycling Conference & Trade Show. 

Volunteers on the committee are always welcome! Contact Debbie Jackson for more information.

Committee Members

Debbie Jackson (Chair)
Terry Laibach
Andrew Radin
Marjorie Torelli


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