Fenimore | Registration and Breakfast
In-person attendees can pick up their name badge and enjoy the breakfast buffet in the Fenimore Room.



Hybrid Conference Tutorial
Virtual and in-person attendees should take a few moments to download the Hopin mobile app and view our video tutorials on how to make the most of the hybrid conference experience.



Glimmerglass | Welcome to the Conference!

Gary Carrel President - NYSAR3 | Erie County



Glimmerglass | Plenary Session: Recycling Market Development Opportunities for New York State

Many communities across NYS are lacking necessary assistance and resources to help them overcome current recycling challenges. Specifically, local governments and recyclers are now navigating the reality of substantially decreased recycling revenues and increased costs due to the lack of market access for their collected materials. Join this plenary to learn about how New York State is supporting initiatives to spur the development of domestic markets for recyclables. In addition, you will hear about the innovative investments being made for new recycling markets and what’s happening in New York State.
Bob Anderson Closed Loop Partners
Melissa Young Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions
Kate Walker New York State Center for Sustainable Materials Management
Bryce Hesterman Resource Recycling Solutions
Elizabeth Balkan Reloop North America



Fenimore Room | Concurrent Session A: What's Happening with EPR? Progress to Date & What's Ahead
This session will provide an in-depth look at new Extended Producer Responsibility program implementation, including Paint Stewardship and Drug Take Back, and will also detail the outlook for legislative proposals for Packaging and Carpet recycling. 

Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann Tetra Tech

Andrew Radin PaintCare

Dawn Timm New York Product Stewardship Council

Resa Dimino Resource Recycling Solutions

John Heaphy NYS Dept of Health



Kingfisher Tower Room | Concurrent Session B: Outreach to Food Scraps Generators: To Be(xempt) or not to Be(xempt)... That's Not the Question

This panel discussion is targeted to municipalities and educators that might provide resources and other assistance to food scraps generators that are either covered or not covered under the NYS Food Donation and Food Scraps Recycling Law. We’ll dive into the differences, if any, in strategies to reach out to the diverse types of exempt generators - smaller entities whose larger counterparts are covered under the Law, and healthcare facilities of all sizes, as well as the food scraps generators covered by the Law (grocery stores, events centers, large restaurants…). We’ll hear about ways to work with all types of food scraps generators to help them reduce wasted food, donate edible food and recycle their food scraps.

Alex French Clarkson University

Heather Billings Center for Ecotechnology

Gary Feinland NYSDEC

Samantha Brown Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority

Andrew Goldstein Erie County Department of Environment & Planning



Glimmerglass | Lunch



Kingfisher Tower Room | Concurrent Session A: Mobilizing SMM Behaviors Through Local Channels Using Strategic Messaging

This workshop will begin by highlighting exemplary outreach and communication campaigns and the successful impact they have on local SMM programs, and by overviewing best messaging practices informed by environmental communication and psychology theory. Session attendees will then be engaged with a hands-on activity where they will walk through the process of identifying a local SMM issue, target audience, communication channel, and more. Attendees will leave the workshop with an outline for a strategic messaging campaign to help mobilize residents to address a local SMM issue. Please remember to bring something to write with (e.g., laptop, pencil and paper)!

Kara Napolitano SIMS Municipal Recycling

Jesse Kerns Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions



Fenimore Room | Concurrent Session B: The Results are In! Data from Recent Waste Q&Cs

Discover how recent waste and recycling data gathered from around NY State points to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Andrew Radin PaintCare

Maria Bianchetti Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

John Culbertson MSW Consultants

David Tonjes Stony Brook University



Glimmerglass | Break in the Exhibit Hall



Fenimore Room | Basics of Breathing and Meditation with Melissa Young

Melissa Young Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions



Fenimore Room | Concurrent Session A: Social Equity in Zero Waste

Zero waste and environmental justice work hand in hand. Rethinking our current practices and treating materials as valuable commodities creates jobs, reduces pollution, and restores vulnerable communities. This session will examine the intersection between equity and zero waste to explore how improving materials management creates opportunities to improve environmental justice.

Celeste McMickle TRUE - USGBC

Ushma Pandya Think Zero LLC

Sophia Huda Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Arley Owens Ohio Recycling Coalition



Kingfisher Tower Room | Concurrent Session B: Green Purchasing/Buy Recycled Panel
Green purchasing drives demand for green products and products made with recycled content. This demand increases the value of recyclables, thereby supporting recycling systems, and drives green product manufacturing. Yet there is often a disconnect between green purchasing and recycling. This session will explore ways to increase green product purchasing by businesses, institutions, and local and state governments. A portion of this session will feature facilitated discussion geared toward developing a future green purchasing roadmap, which will also include an increased emphasis on the need for greater variety and availability of products made from recycled content across New York State.

Kate Walker New York State Center for Sustainable Materials Management

Susan Fassler SUNY-ESF

Brenden Woodruff NYSDEC

Darrin Derosia NYS Office of General Services



Fenimore Room | NYSAR3 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Discussion

Open discussion with DE&I committee and speakers from previous session. (All are welcome!)



Glimmerglass | Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Mingle with exhibitors, network with fellow attendees, and get to know the NYSAR3 committee chairs! Hors d'oeuvres will be passed. Cash bar.



Templeton Room | Trivia Night!
Gather with your colleagues after hours for a round of trivia hosted by Dale Cocca and Sponsored by Naturcycle!
Libations from local breweries (including Ommegang) will be showcased and available. Dinner cost on your own.




Glimmerglass | Registration and Breakfast



Glimmerglass | W4R Meeting and Social Breakfast

In person attendees can look for the designated table hosted by Kelli Timbrook in the Glimmerglass Dining Room to connect with other women in the industry. Virtual attendance option tbd. (All are welcome!)



Ballroom | Plenary: Swiping Right for our Lonely R (Reuse)

This plenary moderated by our own president Gary will help inspire you to “swipe right” (aka choose) our sometimes lonely but very important “R”—Reuse! NYSAR3 has selected Reuse as our special campaign focus for the next year, and this plenary session and panel discussion will help kick it off! This session will cover some brief history of NYSAR3’s reuse efforts and the 2022 campaign focus. We’ll then turn our attention to vibrant examples of reuse in bold practice from one side of NYS to the other, and how to identity practical ways to incorporate reuse into our daily lives. We’ll also touch on the effort to replicate the “reuse ecosystem” in more communities throughout the state and eventually, the world. (And since repair is often a critical step in allowing for reuse to occur, we will also take this opportunity to honor the late John Wackman, who helped found the Repair Café movement in NYS and was integrally involved in community building. His 2020 “Repair Revolution” book, co-authored with Elizabeth Knight, will likely be available for purchase at the conference).

Michael Gainer Reuse Action

Gary Carrel President - NYSAR3 | Erie County

Diane Cohen Finger Lakes Reuse

Dan Lilkas-Rain Town of Bethlehem

Justin Green BIG Reuse



Glimmerglass | Break in the Exhibit Hall



Iroquois Room | Concurrent Session A: Glass Recycling: A Roundtable Dialogue on Strategies to Advance Glass Recycling Across NY

This session will bring together a variety of stakeholders to have a dialogue about glass recycling in New York with a keen focus on exploring existing markets and the development of new markets and outlets for glass. During this session we will review the challenges and opportunities associated with the various components (e.g., education, preparation, collection, processing, marketing, and transportation) of glass recycling across New York. We will also discuss new and innovative markets for glass recyclables and review best practices for collecting glass. The goal of this session is to develop a list of action items that is needed to develop a comprehensive approach to improve the collection, processing, and recycling of glass.
Kate Walker New York State Center for Sustainable Materials Management
Gabby Gausted Alfred University and NYSP2I
Will Flower Winter Bros Recycling of Long Island


Fenimore Room | Concurrent Session B: Plastics: The Road Ahead

This session will take a look at current and future recycling options as well as policies being put into place around the country to reduce the use of plastic materials.

Kate Eagles Association of Plastics Recyclers

Gary Carrel President - NYSAR3 | Erie County

Resa Dimino Resource Recycling Solutions

Ann Johnson RRS Advanced Recycling

Jordan Christensen Citizens Campaign for the Environment



Glimmerglass | Awards Luncheon

Join us for the grand conference finale – celebrate the award-winning success of recyclers from around the state while you dine on a scrumptious buffet – we have everything from soup to nuts!

Annual Members Meeting, Recycling Leadership Awards Presentation, Poster Contest Winners Awards, College Grant Awards



Kingfisher Room | NYSAR3 Board Meeting