Green School Grant Program


Applicants must submit the Application Form along with a written Project Description detailing your proposed recycling or waste prevention/reduction program.

Applications will be assigned points based upon:

Completeness of Application 10 pts
Proposed Program's Components 25 pts
Requested Amount & Cost Effectiveness 15 pts
Partners 20 pts
Program Sustainability 15 pts
Measurable Results 15 pts

DEADLINE: October 31, 2017


All public and private K -12 schools in New York State are eligible to apply for funding. Previous winners of this grant are eligible to apply again, provided that they are applying for support of a new program, or a new expansion of the existing program. Applicants and programs must:

  • Be a public or private school Grades K-12 located in New York State.
  • Agree to share their program information and data with NYSAR3and others.
  • Submit a completed application with supporting documents by close of business (COB) Tuesday, October 31, 2017.


Follow the outline described below for your application package and include the following components in your Project Description.

1.    Completeness of Application:

The “Application Form” (page 4) must be completed legibly and all questions answered. Use of the words “same” and/or “not applicable” are acceptable, as all lines must contain an answer.

2.    Program Components:

Describe the program you are developing/implementing.  For example:

  • Are you proposing a bare-minimum recycling effort or do you already have a program and now you’re ready to delve into composting or reuse or waste prevention?
  • Maybe you’re proposing to mandate double-sided copies or purchase only recycled content products and you need funding to educate staff?
  • Perhaps you want to build a garden using compost from the kitchen/cafeteria waste.

There are lots of great programs already in place; check out the internet under “school recycling programs” and you’ll be overwhelmed with great ideas! 

3.    Requested Amount & Cost Effectiveness:

Describe your budget.  How much money are you requesting and how is your school going to use up to $500 wisely? Will you try to leverage it to gain additional funding from elsewhere? Please do your homework, checking prices for desired materials and submitting this detailed information within the body of your “Project Description” or as one of the supplemental attachments.

4.    Partners:

Develop a team, as promoted on these websites -

Go Green Initiative 
US Green Building Council, NY Chapter
Green Schools, Recycling and More via NYS DEC
Keep America Beautiful
US Environmental Protection Agency

A team is critical to the success and sustainability of your program. List any known or proposed partners and describe how they will interact with your program.  Make sure you have a level of buy-in before using their name.

5.    Sustainability:

Are you seeking funding for a one day puppet show or sing-a-long? Unfortunately, we do not provide funding for these types of programs. The application needs an element of real sustainability built in; it needs to last from year to year. Describe how you can design the program, using partners or other funding, to ensure its long-term, on-going viability. 

6.    Measureable Results:

For NYSAR3 to continue funding these programs, we need to know how much material you’ve recycled or how much has been prevented. A good guide can be found at and you are encouraged to sign up and become a member. It is not mandatory, but it is free and has a simple fill in the blanks chart for keeping track of your recycling! Your local recycling coordinator would be happy to assist your reporting efforts. Visit to find out the coordinator’s name.

If you are awarded a grant, NYSAR3 will provide you with guidelines for measuring your progress and accomplishments.


Winners will be notified and an announcement made on/about:

  • New York/America Recycles Day (November 15); and
  • Earth Day (April 22).



All questions should be directed to Theresa Evans at

Click Here for the Fall 2017 Application!