Food Waste in the Media

Below is a list of media postings from around the world that focus on food waste and food recovery. May these be a source of inspiration for the development and implementation of food recovery strategies throughout New York State. If there's an article you would like to post on this list, please email

05/12/2017 - PBS: "Here’s how states are working to curb food waste"

04/24/2017 - Mashable: "Feeding America wants to wipe out hunger and food waste with the power of a single app"

03/21/2017 - Voice of America: "US Hotel Chains to Target Food Waste by Rethinking Menus"

02/16/2017 - Food Business News: "New date label wording to cut food waste"

02/01/2017 - Waste360: "Two Companies Using Technology to Reduce Food Waste"

01/17/2017 - TreeHugger: "Why is Denmark so successful at reducing food waste?"

01/11/2017 - Huffington Post: "The Maddening Reason Food Waste Is On The Rise Among The Rich"

01/03/2017 - ScienceDaily: "Worries about food waste appear to vanish when diners know scraps go to compost"


12/18/2016 - CBS: “New USDA food label guidelines aim to prevent food waste”

12/13/2016 - NPR: “For These Entrepreneurs, Cutting Food Waste Starts In A Maggot Bucket”

12/07/2016 - TriplePundit: “Can the U.S. Halve Food Waste By 2030?”

12/01/2016 - TreeHugger: “How schools can lead the fight against food waste”

11/30/2016 - Nature: “Researchers serve up suggestions to reduce food waste”

11/23/2016 - NPR: “When Food Banks Say No To Sugary Junk, Schools Offer A Solution”

11/15/2016 - NHPR: "U.S. Consumers Waste Around 40% of Food, Thanks to Overshopping and Freshness Labels"

07/21/2016 - National Restaurant Association: "Cut your restaurant’s food waste with these 4 tips"

07/07/2016 - Huffington Post: "Supermarkets Are Key To Making America Stop Wasting Food"