This year the NYSAR3 Recycler of the Year Committee recognized the efforts of a lifetime of achievement in recycling, as well as awards in both the public and private sectors. 

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/roty_images/debbie and sharon.JPGThe first and last sentences of one nomination say it all about Debbie Jackson, recipient of the 2006 Recycler of the Year – Public Sector.  The nominator wrote, “Through outreach and education, Debbie has done more than any other person at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to encourage waste reduction and recycling throughout the State.” 

Beyond her passion for the subject and her commitment to completing the job, Jackson’s collaborative style and appreciation of others’ efforts smooth the path, multiply her efforts and take a “feel good” activity to a whole new level. 

Jackson’s list of projects and programs through which both recycling professionals and all citizens of New York State profit, at home, at work and at play, includes: initiating the Annual New York State Recycling Conference (and continuing as an integral part of the committee); an Earth Day Environmental Fair at the Five Rivers Environmental Education Center since 1995; the relatively new role as NYS coordinator for America Recycles, spearheading the annual poster contest and calendar; and developing the reuse and recycling program at NYSDEC central office as well as working with other state agencies. Perhaps most notable is Debbie’s thoughtfulness towards coworkers and others that she interacts with in the course of her day. 

It would be hard for any of us who have worked with Debbie Jackson to overstate how much we have gained through her work and through being able to count her, not only as a strong and effective advocate for recycling, but as a friend.

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/roty_images/Sharon and Tim.JPGThe recipient of the 2006 Recycler of the Year Award – Private Sector has made it possible for both large and small municipalities to afford the required removal of refrigerant (Freon) from certain appliances, so the recycling of these appliances is proper and ozone does not deplete the atmosphere.  Tim Maloof of Interstate Refrigerant Recovery, Inc. has brought his Massachusetts-based business to New York State, making quick, efficient, and environmentally sound recovery of Freon possible for municipalities across the state.

In addition to a commitment to environmentally-sound practices, Tim has streamlined the operation, designing a self-contained system that can travel to any collection location.

Believing in the old saw, “The job isn’t done until the paperwork is finished,” Interstate Refrigerant Recovery employees document their work so municipal managers can be sure that all state requirements are met.

Serving 65 municipalities, 5 landfills and a Department of Environmental Conservation facility in New Paltz, Maloof and his company have made the recycling of over 70,000 tons of appliances, recovering over 3 tons of refrigerants.

Tim Maloof, Interstate Refrigerant Recovery, Inc., deserves the Recycler of the Year award for his original inventions that recover refrigerant, saving time and money for municipalities, businesses, and institutions across New York State with a method that proves regulations can be met.  Maloof will not rest until all of New York is “Freon Free.”

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/roty_images/sharon and jerry.JPGGerald Knoll, of the Town of Hamburg, was recognized for Lifetime Achievement in Recycling.  Beginning in 1981, Knoll started a recycling program.  Through his strong leadership, Hamburg achieved an enviable rate of 70% in 2004. The Town of Hamburg has been recognized by Erie County and by the US EPA for its recycling efforts.

Concerned with recycling beyond the household level, Knoll led the organization of Erie County communities for more economical and efficient recycling programs, especially in the commercial and institutional areas. By working with neighboring communities, all have been able to leverage better options.