2017 Organics Summit Presentations

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March 28th, 2017

Proposed NYS Commercial Organics Ban - Sally Rowland 

This presentation will cover the key points of the proposed New York State legislation requiring larger generators to divert food scraps from disposal through food donation, anaerobic digestion and composting. 

Circular Systems (Farm to Fork) 

Food scraps, yard trimmings, manure and other organics are valuable materials that can 

become soil-enhancing products. This session will discuss some ways that these materials can feed our soils to ultimately feed people, creating sustainable systems with minimal waste. 

ï‚· Shane Hardy (Stone Barns) 

ï‚· Adam Kenney (Frostburg University) 

ï‚· Jean Bonhotal (Cornell Waste Management Institute) 

Emerging Technologies 

Numerous technologies have been developed to help process food scraps material into 

valuable products. We will learn about food depackaging equipment, the largest planned 

anaerobic digestion facility in New York State, and industrial fermentation in an urban setting. 

ï‚· Bill Kish (Ecoverse) 

ï‚· Charles Vigliotti (American Organic Energy) 

ï‚· Amanda Weeks (Industrial/Organic) 

Large Scale Hauling & Collection: Challenges 

Transporting of source-separated food scraps is an important piece of the puzzle to increasing diversion of this material from disposal. This panel discussion will bring out challenges and 

potential solutions to large-scale food scraps hauling. 

ï‚· Al Sabino (Casella Waste Systems) 

ï‚· Harry Cohen (Natural Upcycling) 

ï‚· Adam Mitchell (Mr. T Carting) 

Small Scale Hauling & Collection: Challenges 

Small scale enterprises play an important role in filling the gaps in our food scraps 

transportation systems. This panel discussion will focus on some of the challenges and successes in collecting and transporting smaller volumes of food scraps. 

ï‚· Phil Holloway (Empire Zero) 

ï‚· Sarah Womer (Zero To Go) 

ï‚· Nate Bates (Tompkins County) 

U.S. Composting Council Update - Charles Duprey 

New York State is fortunate to have some very active members in the USCC. We will hear about some of the exciting programs of this professional organics management organization. 

Organics Recycling Programs Around the State 

Back by popular demand, Jean Bonhotal will facilitate the sharing of successes and challenges across the State. This is a rich opportunity to share and learn with the multitude of experts in the room. 

March 29th, 2017 

Engaging Citizens in your Community 

Reaching our target audiences is important to the success of any organics diversion program. This session will describe various tools and techniques to engage our communities to enhance organics recycling. 

ï‚· Watervliet Organics Recycling Program - Jim Yienger (Climate Action Associates) 

ï‚· Compost Awareness Week - Jesse Kerns (SU Environmental Finance Center) 

ï‚· Jaime Tuttle (Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Outreach) 

ï‚· Michelle Sterling & Ron Schulhof (Scarsdale Sustainability Committee) 

Food Recovery: Bridging the Gap 

Food donation has the dual benefit of reducing disposal of edible food and feeding hungry people. We will hear about two programs that have increased food donation and created 

partnerships ready to do more. 

ï‚· Food Recovery Campaign - Gary Feinland (NYS DEC) 

ï‚· Feeding the Hudson Valley - Rich Schiafo (Hudson Valley Regional Council) 

Financial Incentives 

New York State has more financial opportunities for food donation and food scraps recycling than ever before. Join us to learn about some of the programs available. 

ï‚· Ava Labuzetta (Pollution Prevention Institution) 

ï‚· Nancy Welsh (NYS DEC Office of Climate Change)