Organics Council

The NYS Organics Council is a community of more than 80 NYSAR3 members, industry professionals, community leaders, and others from across NYS committed to the sustainable management of organic materials through wasted food reduction, food recovery, composting, anaerobic digestion, the benefitial use of compost, and more. Organics Council members work to increase the adoption of these practices across the State through five working groups that collaborate on activities to increase education and outreach; develop end uses and markets for compost; further wasted food reduction efforts; expand organics management infrastructure and share new technologies; and support organics diversion legislation. The council also works collaboratively to coordinate and facilitate the annual NYS Organics Summit.  

Chair: Jesse Kerns (
Program Coordinator | Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions


The Annual NYS Organics Summit

One of the main activities of the Organics Council is the coordination and facilitation of an annual NYS Organics Summit. In March of 2015, council members coordinated the first statewide summit of its kind in Poughkeepsie, NY. More than 100 organics management practitioners and educators attended the event, which focused on developing and strengthening community-based composting. Since then, the summit has grown markedly year to year, and continues to bring together various stakeholders and support regional strategies for the sustainable management of organic materials. For more information about the next summit, visit:



Annual NYS Organics Summit:

NYS Compost Awareness Week: 

End-Use & Marketing: This group facilitates the development of markets of stable organic residuals (e.g. compost) in NYS through promotion of compost labeling, testing standards, and use specifications, and education of beneficial applications and best use practices.    

Food Recovery: This group engages multiple sectors in NYS through the development of educational materials and coordination of regional events that aim to reduce wasted food while creating nutritional opportunities for those facing food insecurity.  

Infrastructure & Technology: This group supports the development of sustainable organics management infrastructure across NYS through the compilation and distribution of information and resources regarding organics management facilities, equipment, and technology.

Legislative: This group promotes the advancement of organics diversion and sustainable organics management policy in NYS by monitoring, supporting, and furthering relevant legislative initiatives.