Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/roty_images/terry Laibach.JPGTerry Laibach from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 3, received the NYSAR3 Recycler of the Year Award for 2007.

The award was presented by the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) at the 18th Annual Recycling Conference in Cooperstown. Terry's peers in solid waste and recycling throughout the state nominated her for this award.

Terry has been instrumental in DEC's efforts to educate New York State's public, including businesses, teachers, government officials, residents and children about recycling issues. Since joining the region, she has focused on waste reduction, recycling and composting outreach efforts.

Terry created or has been instrumental in the development of several educational brochures and guidance documents routinely used at DEC. She also is responsible for developing various displays used throughout the state, often at the request of local recycling coordinators and organizations.

Terry has made more than 100 presentations to the public, local businesses and government groups, as well as to students ranging from pre-schoolers to graduate level. Despite these diverse audiences, Terry is able to communicate effectively with all of them. Her obvious passion for her topic, and the fact that she lives what she teaches, makes her an especially good role model for children.

A particularly noteworthy project in which Terry has been instrumental is the coordination of speakers for the Federation of New York State Solid Waste Association's annual conference in Bolton Landing. These conferences provide a forum for discussion on waste reduction and recycling issues, with an average of more than one hundred speakers and 400-500 attendees each year.

In addition to everything else, Terry was involved in the development of the Carcass Composting pilot project for New York State, particularly within Region 3. She continues to be heavily involved in this project, which requires continued research, development of regulations and development of outreach and education. Results of the pilot project were used to push similar efforts throughout the state.

Terry also authored three articles, two of which were published nationally: “Problems Associated with Inappropriate Management of Asphalt Road Demolition Debris,” and “Composting Road-Killed Deer in New York.” The latter article was featured in a presentation at the BioCycle National Conference.

Finally, Terry has been a board member of the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange and helped organize the Hudson Valley Regional Council Solid Waste Committee.