Andrew Radin - Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to Andrew Radin, Recycling and Waste Reduction Director for the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) in Syracuse, NY. Andrew was recognized for outstanding advocacy of recycling, serving in his role with Onondaga County where he has guided a steady waste diversion rate of 60% despite economic and packaging shifts. As Chair of the New York Product Stewardship Council, Radin has overseen the implementation of e-waste recycling across the state and champions other materials such as paint for proper recovery and recycling. Described as a consensus builder and consummate team player, Andrew publicly thanked his OCRRA team to share the kudos. 

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Sue McIntyre - Recycling Leadership

Awarded to Sue McIntyre, Solid Waste Director for Delaware County. Sue used the top of the materials management hierarchy to achieve conservation of landfill space within the county by effectively running the MSW compost facility and overseeing the installation of a hybrid materials recovery facility to capture both dual and single stream recycling. McIntyre's efforts have led to a diversion rate of 70% in Delaware County, effectively extending the life of the county landfill for another 20 years; quite an accomplishment for a rural county in the NYC watershed. 

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Modern Recycling Corporation - Recycling Leadership, Private Sector

Awarded to Modern Recycling Corporation in western NY. Modern Recycling partners directly with Erie County to deliver consistent, positive recycling messaging to residents within their service area. Their recycling coordinator, Katy Duggan-Haas, conducts tours, facilitates meetings, and has been instrumental in the company's "Your Recycling Makes a Difference" campaign which contributes to a portion of recycling revenues back to local community organizations that benefit local residents. The program has donated almost $40,000 to local residents in need since its inception in 2014, which provides environmental incentives while bolstering community character. 

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Materials for the Arts, NYC - Recycling Leadership, Public Sector

Awarded to Metropolitan NY's premier resuse center, a program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, with support from the Departments of Sanitation and Education. A wide variety of reusable materials from businesses and individuals is made available for free to nonprofits and civic organizations with arts programming and public schools. By providing a way for people to donate their unneeded supplies to thousands of creative and educational activities across the five boroughs, MFTA diverts over 1 million pounds of materials from the landfill each year.

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