Gus Ribeiro - Recycling Leadership, Lifetime Achievement

Gus Ribeiro, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, was honored for outstanding work with municipalities across the state, adding significant value to the educational programs, recycling infrastructure, and composting systems that New Yorkers have access to. Under Ribeiro’s 25-year tenure, approximately $120 million in state grants have been passed on to municipalities for recycling efforts. He was described as “always accessible, has the spot-on answer to your question, and has been a true partner for local government in advancing local solid waste management plan milestones.”

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Kelli Timbrook, (left) NYSAR3 president, presents the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to Gus Ribeiro, Environmental Program Specialist 2 with the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Paul Scott - Recycling Leadership, K-12 School

Paul Scott, Environmental Science teacher at Niskayuna High School, was recognized for his commitment to recycling and composting. He oversees the school’s START Club, which empties 300 recycling bins weekly, among other functions. Scott has been involved with Niskayuna’s annual “Niska Day” overseeing the site-wide recycling and clean up and has also helped Schenectady County Recycles program develop new workshops, literature and outreach about home composting.

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Paul Scott (right) is presented with the 2018 Recycling Leadership Award, K-12 School by Angelina Peone, who nominated him for the award.

Gary Carrel - Recycling Leadership, Public Sector

Gary Carrel, Solid Waste Recycling Specialist with Erie County Environment and Planning, was recognized for his enthusiasm for recycling and organics, as well as his participation in many community venues. His efforts include streamlining HHW and CESQG collections; textile recovery and electronic waste management, Erie County BYO Coalition, Textile Recovery, Erie County Green Team, NYSAR3, Pollution Prevention Through Art, WNY Environmental Summit and Party for the Planet – as well as numerous internal, Erie County governmental recycling objectives.

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Gary Carrel, of Erie County Environment and Planning (left) is presented with the 2018 Recycling Leadership Award by Kelli Timbrook, president of NYSAR3.

Maxwell Fuller - Recycling Leadership, Private Sector

Maxwell Fuller of Sodexo at SUNY New Paltz and the New Paltz Food Recovery Program were recognized by the US EPA for collecting nine tons of food in 2017. Due to the success of surplus food recovery, the program has expanded to multiple municipalities.  So far this year the organization has provided two tons of fresh homemade salads, sandwiches, fruit and baked goods to local food pantries. “Nothing bothers him more than to throw away ‘perfectly good food that could be feeding someone.'”

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Maxwell Fuller (right) is presented with the 2018 Recycling Leadership Award, Private Citizen, by Laura Petit, of the New Paltz ReUse and Recycling Center, who nominated Fuller for the award.

Columbia University Environmental Stewardship Office & Operations Department - Recycling Leadership, College or University

Columbia University was noted for constantly improving waste management through its programs and services, from on-the-ground educational outreach to behind-the-scenes operational improvements. The Environmental Stewardship (ES) office produced the Workspace Certification Program, refurbished hundreds of recycling bins and held 80 “Know Where to Throw” demonstrations this year. Other highlights of the program include: consistent, illustrated recycling signage; expanded composting; EPA-award-winning Clean + Go Green events (for year-end clean outs); and a surplus furniture and equipment reuse program.

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Jessica Prata, Assistant Vice President of Environmental Stewardship for Columbia University, (right) is presented with the 2018 Recycling Leadership Award-College or University by NYSAR3 President Kelli Timbrook.

Laurence Segal - Recycling Leadership, Private Citizen

Laurence Segal of Syracuse was recognized for his “Cans for Cancer” program. Since 2012, the Syracuse resident has collected an estimated two million bottles and cans (averaging 1,000 a day); with all the money he collects donated to breast cancer research. Working an estimated 60 hours per week, Laurence personally inspects trash receptacles at local venues and pulls out recycling, using a fleet of pink recycling carts. He buys the plastic collection bags and uses his own car and gas money to move the recyclables.

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Laurence Segal (left) is presented with the 2018 Recycling Leadership Private Citizen Award by OCRRA employee Dale Cocca who nominated Segal for the award.