Tuesday, November 6


Use of compost, a recycled product, for controlling erosion and sedimentation can reduce costs, increase effectiveness of revegetation and promote environmental protection. Compost blankets, berms and socks can reduce soil loss and improve soil moisture retention. The day will feature a virtual tour illustrating the effectiveness of these tools as well as a demonstration of soil infiltration and run-off with Cornell’s Soil Health Truck.


Welcome, Overview & Introductions

Kelli Timbrook, President, NYSAR3

The Relationship of Soil Health to Erosion Control

We will learn about the components of soils, including organic matter, and their impact upon soil health and moisture retention. The highlight of this session will be a demonstration of Cornell’s Soil Health Truck showing run-off and soil infiltration rates using various soil mixes, with and without turf.

Speakers: Aaron Gabriel, Senior Resource Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Washington County and A. Fay Benson, South Central New York (SCNY) Regional Dairy and Field Crops Team, CCE of Cortland County

Soil Health Demonstration Sponsored by WeCare Denali

Speakers: Aaron Gabriel, Senior Resource Educator, CCE of Washington
County and A. Fay Benson, SCNY Regional Dairy and Field Crops Team,
CCE Cortland County


Soil Health Demonstration Follow-Up Discussion

Speakers: Aaron Gabriel, Senior Resource Educator, CCE of Washington County and A. Fay Benson, SCNY Regional Dairy and Field Crops Team, CCE Cortland County

Compost Use – Highway Use and Other Erosion Control Measures

In this session, we will learn about techniques that incorporate compost and other organic amendments to control erosion and sedimentation. Compost blankets can stabilize slopes and compost filter berms can filter and slow the flow of moving water. The use of a compost blanket has been shown to reduce runoff and erosion. Compost filter berms and compost socks offer advantages over traditional measures such as silt fences and straw bales and filter out fine particles and associated chemical contaminants from water flowing through them. We will take a virtual tour showing these techniques in a variety of settings.

Speakers: Angel Hinickle, Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District, David Reckahn, Clinton-Essex Soil and Water Conservation District and Jean Bonhotal, Cornell Waste Management Institute
Bonhotal (Pages 1-3)
Hinickle (Page 1) & Bonhotal (Page 25)

Wednesday, November 7


Kelli Timbrook, President, NYSAR3

PLENARY SESSION | Single Use Plastics Update

Plastic single use products and packaging continue to cause problems across the globe and here in New York. Hear what those problems are, what is being done to address them and what changes are happening to reduce their use or replace them altogether.

Moderator: Gary Carrel, Erie County Environment and Planning

Film Plastic and Single Use Plastic Committee Update

Speaker: Kayla Montanye, NYS DEC and Gary Carrel, Erie County Environment and Planning

Single Use Plastics at the MRF

Speaker: Daniel Kurtz, County Waste & Recycling
Presentation Unavailable

Ecovative Approach

Speaker: Gavin McIntyre, Ecovative Design, LLC
Ecovative Approach

The Use of Reusable Food Service Containers in NYC

Speaker: Laura Rosenshine, Foodprint Group
Reusable Food Service Containers

Implementing a Single Use Bag Fee

Speaker: Christopher Sortino, Suffolk County Department of Health Services
Single Use Bag Fee

 Break in the Exhibit Hall

KEYNOTE SESSION | The National Sword and Its Impacts

Listen to two national waste reduction and recycling experts discuss what China is doing and why, and what impacts these changes and policies are having on the recycling industry across the nation and around the world.  The keynote speakers will give their take on what we can we do to reduce these impacts and weather the storm. 

Moderator: Kelli Timbrook, President, NYSAR3

Speakers: Jerry Powell, Resource Recycling Magazine and Dave Keeling, National Recycling Coalition
National Sword
Steel Recycling Institute

Sponsored by Sustainable Materials Management, Inc.

PLENARY SESSION | Is North America Ready for Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility?

Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging; The Key Tool in Defending Municipalities Against Volatile International Material Markets.

Moderator: Andrew Radin, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

Speakers: Scott Cassel, Product Stewardship Institute and Thomas Metzner, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (Virtual Presentation)
Extended Producer Responsibility

CONCURRENT SESSION A | The Recycling Partnership Workshop Part A

Cleaning Up Contamination Through Applied Systems Change
Material demand from end markets drives environmental gains. All stakeholders - residents, municipalities, haulers, and material recovery facility operators - need to play a part in building a stronger recycling industry. In this presentation, the Recycling Partnership will share results from their state and regional work, including how they brought stakeholders together, created a comprehensive outreach strategy, and created replicable protocols that can be applied in communities across the state.

Moderator: Dianne Woske, Fulton County Department of Solid Waste

Speakers: Jill Martin, Chris Coady and Tricia Tiedt, Recycling Partnership
Applied Systems Change

CONCURRENT SESSION B | Women for Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, and Rethinking Strategies for Managing Materials (W4R)

Across New York State, women are leading successful governmental agencies, businesses, and non-profits in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling (R3). Additionally, they are leaders in “rethinking” how we deal with materials in a more sustainable manner (R4). Other women starting or considering a career in R4 are looking for ways to learn, connect, and take their education, training, or career to the next level. This session will kick off a new NYSAR3 W4R Committee and will focus on connecting women of all career stages through a panel discussion of inspirational W4R leaders followed by an interactive dialogue so everyone has the opportunity to share and learn. All are welcome!

Moderator: Melissa Young, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions

Speakers: Diane Cohen, Finger Lakes Reuse, Sandy Nurse, BK Rot and Jessica Schreiber, FABSCRAP
Finger Lakes Reuse
BK Rot Unable to Attend

Break in the Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by Sustainable Materials Management, Inc.

PLENARY SESSION | The Recycling Partnership Workshop Part B

Communications - Influencing Behavior Change
The goal of this closing plenary is to provide the audience with strategies for developing more successful recycling programs through effective and proven communication, education and operational tactics. Attendees will walk away with free online tools and resources, as well as proven best management practices, to create recycling campaigns that drive behavior change. Waste Management’s new educational campaign will be discussed, and some ways to present quality digital messaging will round out the session.

Moderator: Dianne Woske, Fulton County Department of Solid Waste

Recycling Partnership Presentations

Speakers: Chris Coady, Jill Martin and Tricia Tiedt, Recycling Partnership
Influencing Behavior Change

Waste Management’s “Recycle Often, Recycle Right” Campaign

Speaker: Chris Lucarelle, Waste Management
Recycle Often, Recycle Right

Quality Through Messaging - How To Use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Email

Speaker: Dan Russell, The Digital Hyve
Quality Through Messaging

Recycling Outreach Across NYS

Thursday, November 8

PLENARY SESSION | Product Stewardship Update and Round Table Electronics Regulation’s Discussion

Highlights of the newly signed Pharmaceutical Take-Back Law, recent developments on NYS Paint Stewardship proposal, and discussion of draft regulations for the NYS Electronics Recovery Law.

Moderator: Peter Pettit, NYSDEC

Paint Stewardship Update

Speaker: Andrew Radin, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency
Paint Stewardship Update

Pharmaceuticals Update

Speaker: Joshua Vinciguerra, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, NYS Health Department
Pharmaceuticals Update

Electronics Update and Round Table Discussion

Speaker: Mark Moroukian, NYSDEC
Electronics Update

Break in the Exhibit Hall


Listen to presentations by NYSDEC staff regarding the major materials management issues, as well as grant program information, both on what’s available and how to navigate the grants application system.

Moderator: Gary Feinland, NYSDEC

Major Program Issues

Speaker: David Vitale, Director, NYSDEC
Presentation Unavailable

Recycling Grants Program

Speaker: Mike Dauphinais, NYSDEC
Recycling Grants

Organics Diversion Update

Speaker: Dr. Sally Rowland, NYSDEC
Organics Diversion Update

Navigating the Grants Application System

Speaker: Vanessa Lasher, NYSDEC
Navigating Grants

Concurrent Session B | Primary and Secondary Education: Impacts on the Future of Recycling

As the saying goes, the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, but many are already pushing the envelope of sustainable materials management. Join us in this session to learn about an award winning K-12 recycling education model, as well as NYS college and university students who are using science to reduce waste.

Moderator: Jesse Kerns, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions

Speakers: Mark Warford, Bethlehem Central School District and Dan Lilkas-Rain, Town of Bethlehem

College Presentations

Plastics Pollution, Impacts, And Prevention

Speaker: Laura Markley, Syracuse University

Plastic Recycling Via 3-D Printing

Speaker: Daniel Fougnier, State University of NY – Environmental Science and Forestry
3-D Printing

Stakeholder Perspectives on Waste and Appropriate Waste and Materials Management in New York State

Speaker: Micah Baclig, Cornell University
Stakeholder Perspectives

Food Recovery At Rochester's Public Market 

Speaker: Evan Zachary, Rochester Institute of Technology
Food Recovery

Sponsored by Casella Resource Solutions

Join us for the grand conference finale – celebrate the award-winning success of recyclers from around the state while you dine on a scrumptious buffet – we have everything from soup to nuts!

Annual NYSAR3 Members Meeting

Recycling Leadership Awards Presentation

Poster Contest Winners Award Ceremony

College Grant Awards Presentation