The NYS Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling ( NYSAR3) will highlight undergraduate and graduate student projects in a Student Poster Showcase Session at the upcoming Annual Conference & Trade Show in Cooperstown, NY. The Annual Conference is a gathering of more than 175 passionate materials management professionals from across New York State with an interest in learning, supporting, and promoting sustainable practices in reduction, reuse, and recycling.

This will be an opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals to learn about emerging issues, expand their network, and discuss creative solutions to help advance sustainable material management. By encouraging college students to participate in the creation of posters, we aim to harness the fresh perspectives and creative solutions they bring to address pressing environmental challenges.



We invite students to submit an abstract of 300 – 500 words on their research, project or student-led program related to sustainable materials management, through the following topics:  

  • Deconstruction is the concept of dismantling current waste management practices from demolition and exploring circular economy models for existing building materials. Students will present ideas for repurposing, upcycling, and diverting construction materials from the waste stream, envisioning a future where construction materials are viewed as a valuable resource for new development projects.  
  • Plastic free campus is the practice of reducing or eliminating single-use plastics on college campuses. Posters in this category should highlight successful initiatives and strategies that can be implemented across college campuses to reduce plastic usage. By showcasing tangible alternatives to single-use plastics and promoting behavior change, students can inspire their peers to create plastic-free environments.
  • Microplastic alternatives aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of microplastics on the environment and human health. Posters in this category should explore viable alternatives to microplastic-containing or -releasing products, contributing to the mitigation of this global issue. 
  • Fast fashion alternatives will address the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and identify sustainable alternatives such as second-hand shopping, ethical fashion brands, and conscious consumer choices. Students may  address textile recyclingapproaches to reuse or repurpose fabric scraps and worn clothing items.  
  • Recycling confusion or “Wishcycling” is the practice of placing items in the recycling bin that may appear recyclable, but in reality, are not suitable for recycling. Students will demonstrate educational approaches aimed at raising campus and public awareness about the concept of wish cycling and their local recycling guidelines. 

We anticipate up to 10 abstracts will be accepted and invited to participate in the event to showcase a poster displaying their work. Posters will be on display on November 16th in the hotel's Lake Room and students will have the opportunity to stand with their posters to share their work with conference attendees that day from 9:30 am – 10:30 am. 


SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: and place “Student Poster – Your Last Name” in the subject line.  Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.


  • If a student's abstract is accepted, they will receive a complimentary registration to the Conference for the day of Thursday, November 16th.


  • If you are interested in applying for the College Council Scholarship for Registration for the full conference, please email Please note that this Scholarship does not include lodging nor dinner.  Breakfast and lunch are provided with conference registration.  



Posters should be 36”x48” and mounted onto a stiff/firm background to aid in supporting the poster.  Posters will be displayed on easels provided at the event. 

If your abstract is accepted, you will have the opportunity to showcase your poster at the Annual Conference on Thursday, November 16, 2023:   

Thursday, November 16th Schedule:   

  • 7:30 – 9:00 am:      Poster set up.  
  • 9:30 – 10:30 am: . Students are expected to stand next to their posters during this time to share their work with Conference attendees and answer any questions.  
  • 10:30 – 11:00 am: Poster clean up.   
  • 12:00 - 2:00 pm:    Students are welcome and encouraged to stay for the Annual Luncheon.