About the Conference Committee

The New York State Association of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) represents recycling professionals in New York State, including public officials, business professionals and individuals.  As part of our organization’s outreach and education efforts we conduct an annual Recycling Conference and Trade Show in November.   Our membership has sponsored and contributed to these annual events since 1990.  Over the years, thousands of individuals have attended this leading edge conference and the trickle down of information and guidance reaches 100,000’s more new Yorkers. 

A great deal of the work goes into this event from arrangements with the hotel, developing the agenda, finding speakers, attracting vendors and sponsors,  

The work of our membership is one of the reasons waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting have a strong foundation in NY.   We need support and assistance from our membership to assure that the Annual Recycling Conference continues to be a premiere event.

Volunteers on the committee are always welcome! 

Committee Members

Kelli Timbrook and Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann (Chair)

Jean Bonhotal,

Gary Carrel,

Gary Feinland,

Lorinda Hill,

Dan Lilkas-Rain,

Kayla Montanye,

Jan Oatman,

Pete Pettit,

Monique Quigley,

Andrew Radin,

Lisa Ruggero,

Mary Schwarz,

Kelli Timbrook,

Dianne Woske,

Melissa Young



Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann