Profile: Cyntex was established in 1985 as a trading company dealing in the textile waste trade domestically and internationally, including; West Africa, North Africe, South Asia, The Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Europe, South and Central America and Canada. In 1989 a warehousing facility was opened in Brooklyn NY to serve the piece goods and jobbing markets. Additionally Cyntex has conducted paid projects in an advisory and business development capacity to several Metropolitan New York area used clothing collecting firms, federal and state correctional manufacturing facilities plus to private industry.


For Profit/Non Profit Status: For-profit

Textile Recovery Trade Association Membership: SMART

Textile Recovery Methods (reuse/recycling): Both (Sell to non-profits or other businesses, sell overseas, ship worldwide - 60% export/40% domestic)

Accepted Items: Clothing, underwear, coats, shoes/boots, sneakers, belts, purses/bags, hats, stuffed animals, linens, pillows, curtains/drapes, towels, rags, scrap, clippings, remnants, piece goods

Sorting Policy: All materials are sorted

Advertising: National Association Of Retail Thrifts (NART), Recyelnet, Alibaba

Number of Collection Bins: Confidential (not included in database)

Bin Labels: Company name, phone number, types of materials accepted, for-profit status

Code of Conduct Status: Would sign Code of Conduct/Best Practices