Trans-America Textile Recycling

Profile: In business since 1942, Trans-Americas is North Americas' most experienced processor of secondhand/used clothing, vintage clothing, wiping rags, and materials for fiber recycling. The corporation is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey where 85 employees sort over 16.8 million lb/7.6 million kg annually in our 65,000 sq ft/6000 sq m facility. Located less than 20 minutes from New York City our customers benefit from our extensive used clothing collections in the world's most fashion forward city and surrounding area. As an innovator and industry leader we operate one of the trade's most automated and efficient processing systems and have earned a reputation for the industry's highest quality graded clothing. The Trans-Americas Group is comprised of: Kent Trans-Americas Clothing Corp, Trans-Americas Trading Co., Trans-Americas FSC., and Trans-Americas Textile Recycling Co. All are involved in the purchasing, recycling, processing and sale of post - consumer textile waste / secondhand clothing.


For Profit/Non Profit Status: For-profit

Textile Recovery Methods (reuse/recycling): Both

Accepted Items: Clothing, coats, underwear, shoes/boots, sneakers, belts, purses/bags, hats, stuffed animals, linens, pillows, curtains/drapes, towels, rags

Sorting Policy: Yes (+300)

Advertising: Through website

Number of Collection Bins: None