Profile: USAgain is a green, for-profit company committed to protecting the environment, conserving resources and creating green sector jobs through the collection of textiles for reuse and recycling. USAgain collects clothing and shoes in conveniently located bins accessible 24/7. The clothing is then sold to wholesalers, thrift stores chains and textile recyclers. Deposits in our bins are not tax deductible.


For Profit/Non Profit Status: For-profit

Textile Recovery Trade Association Membership: SMART

Textile Recovery Methods (reuse/recycling): Both (sell to a broker)

Accepted Items: Clothing, coats, underwear, shoes/boots, sneakers, belts, purses/bags, hats, stuffed animals, linens, pillows, curtains/drapes, towels, rags, toys

Sorting Policy: None

Advertising: Website, flyers, posters, information on bins

Number of Collection Bins: 1400 (some included in database)

Bin Labels: Company name, phone number, types of materials accepted, for-profit statu

Code of Conduct Status: Would sign Code of Conduct/Best Practices