WELCOME Speakers & Moderators!

Thank you for your commitment, expertise and for presenting at our NYSAR3 Annual Conference & Trade Show!  Your participation is more than appreciated! 

Session Specifics

Your session moderator will be in touch with details for your session including date, time, length, Q&A format, etc.   If you are unsure who your Moderator is or have any questions, please reach out to kelli.timbrook@casella.com


Speaker/Moderator Registration

In recognition of your preparation and participation, speakers receive special registration options for the conference. Please be aware that due to rising costs, NYSAR3 has adjusted our speaker/moderator pricing to be more consistent with industry practice. Speakers and moderators will be given free registration to attend only the session in which you are participating by using the "Speaker/Moderator Session Only" button below. Otherwise, Speakers and moderators, please select the "Speaker/Moderator Registration" button to register for additional time at the conference.  We thank you for your understanding as we all endure rising costs and have crafted options to maintain affordability!  

While we have made a discounted registration available for these contributing attendees, we recognize that we could not put on our conference without you!  If you are a speaker and/or moderator struggling with the cost increase, please feel free to reach out to kelli.timbrook@casella.com for additional pricing options.

We ask all Speakers, at a minimum, to use this complimentary registration below to register for the session you are Speaking/Presenting at: 

Speaker/Moderator Session Only

To Register for more than the session you are Speaking/Presenting at, click here for discounted rates:  

Speaker/Moderator Registration


All conference attendees and speakers receive discounted room rates at The Otesaga Hotel. If you require overnight accommodations, there are two ways to reserve:

    1. Call the Reservations Office at 866-494-0085. Mention the group name "NYSAR3" and dates to get our special rate.
    2. OR, go to otesaga.com 24/7 and use the online code 3862015 (please note this code is only for online and can’t be used when calling in).

Presentation Slide Specifics

  • Save your presentation using your last name and first name initial. (ie. Jane Jones would be -   JonesJ.ppt)
  • Email your presentation slides to bea@nysar3.org by November 1 and include a phone number to reach you prior to and at the conference. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email back once your presentation is received.
  • If you prefer to not have your slides posted on the NYSAR3 website after the conference, please indicate that in your email.

Presentation Guidelines

These simple guidelines will help make your presentation great! 

  • Make sure the audience can read your text. Use less text and increase the font size. 
  • If you need to apologize for a slide (too dark, too small, too congested, etc), don’t use it.
  • Have an introductory slide with the title, presenters, and their affiliations.
  • Have a final slide with your contact information.
  • Select a background color that provides a good contrast to your font or drawings. Do not use a green background with red type or vice versa, some people will not be able to distinguish the items displayed.
  • Do not display long lists of data from your computer.
  • We encourage you to use digital links instead of paper handouts to promote source reduction. We are also happy to post them on the conference web site.
  • Review and comply with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code of Conduct below.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Code of Conduct 

NYSAR3’s DE&I team would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge and work of those who created resources to provide to speakers, attendees, and other individuals to highlight opportunities for inclusivity and organizational growth. Their wisdom and experience have made our own efforts possible. We utilized guidelines and recommendations these groups created as the foundation and standard of our own. Thank you to the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and the Columbia Business School for creating resources other organizations and individuals may refer to.

View Code of Conduct

Inclusive Conference, Webinar, and Meeting Presentation Guidelines

NYSAR3 aspires to conduct inclusive events where all attendees are provided an opportunity for meaningful and full participation. Therefore, presenters are encouraged to utilize the following guidelines around cultural and linguistic communication and accessibility when designing and presenting at any NYSAR3 conference, webinar or meeting.

View Guidelines

FINALLY, we cannot thank you enough for your participation and commitment at our Annual Conference & Trade Show.  With you, we will be able to provide leading, trending topics and engaging sessions! 

Thank you on behalf of the NYSAR3 Board of Director's and the Conference Planning Committee!