Profile: HELPSY is a for-profit B Corp with an environmental mission to radically change the way people think about clothing recycling. We make reusing and recycling your clothes and shoes more convenient and easier than ever. The largest clothing collector in the Northeast US, with over 1,800 collection containers and growing, we collected over 25 million pounds of clothes last year! Our bins are not intended for commercial waste, cuttings, or scraps.


For Profit/Non Profit Status: For Profit B Corporation

Accepted Items: Footwear (in pairs), Clothing: Tops (T-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops), Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Dresses, Outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers), Bottoms (pants, slacks, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts) Suits Socks Pajamas Slips Bras Underwear, Accessories: Hats, Bags (pocketbooks, backpacks, duffle bags, totes), Belts, Gloves, Ties, Scarves, Bathrobes, Linens: Sheets, Blankets, Towels, Curtains/Drapes, Aprons, Dish cloths, Cloth napkins, Table linens, Comforters, Throw rugs, Placemats, Other: Halloween costumes, Sports jerseys, Pet clothing, Textile scraps greater than (1’x1’), Canvas

Number of Collection Bins: 356

Bin Labels: Company Name, Contact Information, For Profit Status, Type of Materials Accepted