St. Pauly Textile

Profile: St. Pauly is a Western NY based, family owned company and an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to get usable clothing to people who can use it, here in the U.S. and in developing countries. We collect clothing in two ways: 1) Using clothing drop off sheds for local community members to drop off clothing 2) Collecting extra clothing from local clothing closets and thrift stores.


For Profit/Non Profit Status: For-profit

Textile Recovery Trade Association Membership: SMART

Textile Recovery Methods (reuse/recycling): Reuse (sell to non-profits or other businesses, sell to a broker, sell overseas, sell to US-based clothing closets or thrift stores)

Accepted Items: Clothing, coats, underwear, shoes/boots, sneakers, belts, purses/bags, hats, stuffed animals, linens, pillows, curtains/drapes, towels

Sorting Policy: Remove garbage items, general quality sorting Program promotion: promoted in communities with collection locations

Advertising: Promoted in communities with collection locations

Number of Collection Bins: 900 (NY bins included in database)

Bin Labels: company name, phone number, types of materials accepted, for-profit status

Code of Conduct Status: Would sign Code of Conduct/Best Practices