Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Value and Solidarity Statement

In principle and in practice, NYSAR3 is committed to providing and promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all within our R3 community.

We stand in solidarity with all in our diverse community regardless of an individual's functional diversity, age, appearance, ethnicity, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, spoken language, professional level, race, religious or political beliefs or other ideologies, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or any other legally-protected statuses.

NYSAR3 acknowledges how communities of historically non-inclusive status have often been affected by social and environmental injustices related to the solid waste and recycling industries. We are committed to providing and promoting tangible practices to confront these inequities by listening, learning, and acting in ways that promote the rights, health, and well-being of all.   


MEDI+ Committee's Vision

All aspects of our R3 community are founded on principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


MEDI+ Committee's Mission 

To provide statewide leadership and advocacy for diversity, equity & inclusion issues and solutions, to promote justice in economic, environmental, and social sustainability efforts for all in the R3 community of New York State.  


Committee Objectives 

  • To promote and embody NYSAR3’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Value and Solidarity Statement.
  • To amplify the call for an end to systemic discrimination for any of our diverse R3 community.
  • To promote justice in work practices in all economic, environmental, and social sustainability efforts.
  • To promote changes to workplace standards, practices and infrastructure in our R3 community.

NYSAR3 DE&I Code of Conduct

NYSAR3 Recommendations for Agenda Creation

Using Inclusive Language


All are welcome to join our MEDI+ efforts.
For information and to join, contact Renee Panetta or Greg Hancock (Greg's alternate email)MEDI+ Committee Co-Chairs.