26th Annual Recycling Conference & Trade Show

Preconference Workshop – Food Recovery: Wasted Food Prevention

November 4, 2015 | Templeton Lounge


Welcome and Introductions

Moderators for the Day: Gary Feinland, Environmental Program Specialist, NYSDEC & Melissa Young, Assistant Director, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions


Introduction: Amount of Food That is Wasted

A large volume of food scraps and wasted food is generated in NYS from many sectors.

Speaker:              Gary Feinland, Environmental Program Specialist, NYSDEC


Legalities of Donating Food

There are legal protections for food donation and legal requirements for the type of food that food banks, soup kitchens and other feeding centers can accept and serve.

Speaker:                Mark Quandt, Executive Director, Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY


Reduction and Donation from Residents

We often overlook reduction of food scraps and donation of excess food from residents as a way to divert this material from disposal, but there are tools and programs available. 

Tompkins County Program

Speaker:                 Kat McCarthy, Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist, Tompkins County Solid Waste

Developing and Delivering a Food Too Good to Waste Program

Speaker:                 Krystal Noiseux, Education and Outreach Manager, Rhode Island Food Policy Council

Friendship Donation Network

Speaker:                  Meaghan Sheehan Rosen, Program Coordinator, Friendship Donation Network




Reduction and Donation from Commercial/Institutional Settings

Restaurants, grocery stores, colleges and other entities have the capability to work within their walls to reduce food scraps and to partner with the community to donate healthy food.            

USEPA Food Recovery Challenge – Being an Endorser

Speaker:                  Rachel Chaput, Environmental Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency

Instituting Best Management Practices

Speaker:                   Athena Lee Bradley, Project Manager, Northeast Recycling Council

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Speaker:                    Rich Schiafo, Deputy Executive Director, Hudson Valley Regional Council

Using Lean Path in Tompkins County

Speaker:                  Nancy Webster, Assistant Recycling Specialist, Tompkins County Solid Waste




Municipal Reduction/Donation Programs - Facilitated Discussion             

Communities with reduction or donation programs are invited to share their experiences.


Summary and Brainstorming a Statewide Food Recovery Campaign

We will brainstorm goals and potential actions to further reduce food scraps and wasted food in New York State within the next year and beyond.


Organics Council Meeting


Movie Night – Movie Shorts


26th Annual Recycling Conference & Trade Show

Approaches for Reducing Waste and Conserving Resources through Sustainable Materials Management


Thursday, November 5, 2015



Welcome by James Gilbert, President, NYSAR3                              


Plenary Session Part I                                                                                                                                         

Textile Recovery Update

This session will provide an update on NYSAR3’s award winning statewide textile recovery campaign, Re-Clothe NY, which was kicked off at least year’s Conference. Hear a report from our October 2nd Stakeholders’ Summit, how our efforts are being replicated in neighboring states, and how everyone can play a role in the second year of our coordinated efforts!

Moderator:             James Gilbert, President, NYSAR3

Speaker:               Dan Rain, Recycling Coordinator, Town of Bethlehem


Plenary Session Part II                                                                                                                                       

A Conversation with Senator Thomas O’Mara, Chairman of the NYS Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee  

Hear about environmental priorities for the 2016 NY State Legislative Session from Senator Thomas O’Mara, of NY’s 58th Senate District.  What does the future hold for such legislative proposals as Paint Stewardship, Organics Recovery Legislation and improvements to the state’s Electronics Equipment Recovery Act.

Moderator:             Kat McCarthy, Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist, Tompkins County Solid Waste

Speaker:                Senator Thomas O’Mara, District 58


Plenary Session Part III                                                                                                                                                  

Reject False Choices Dictated by Others: The Need to Embrace a New Paradigm (Sustainable Materials Management)

How our society uses materials is fundamental to many aspects of our economic and environmental future.  If we want the United States to be competitive in the world economy, the sustainable use of materials must be our goal.  What is sustainable materials management and what are the goals?

Moderator:             James Gilbert, President, NYSAR3

Speaker:                Mark Lichtenstein, President, National Recycling Coalition




Concurrent Sessions

Reuse Centers - Their Role in the Local Economy and Sustainability              

Case studies that highlight the potential to lift economies and reduce waste.  Three case studies demonstrate the many ways to effectively reuse materials, reduce waste, conserve energy, and support the local economy. Each case study represents a different perspective from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Moderator:             Jan Oatman, Development Authority of the North Country

The Role of ReUse in Integrated Solid Waste Management

Speakers:               Jim Zecca, Director and Sharon Driscoll, Recycling Coordinator, Madison County Department of Solid Waste

The Positive Economic Impacts of ReUse

Speaker:                 Diane Cohen, Executive Director, Finger Lakes ReUse

Dollars and Sense Salvage in Troy; Spawning New Businesses from Materials Recovery

Speaker:                 John Cubit, Chairman, Troy Salvage and Deconstruction


Putting Biosolids to Work: Keeping Valuable Resources out of the Landfill Templeton Lounge

Moderator:             Kelli Driessen, Project Manager, Casella Organics

Village of Waterville Wastewater Facility Biosolids Composting

A brief history and description of the facility, how the composting concept came about, the groundwork for the project (consulting, engineering, permitting and grant writing. The actual composting process from start to finish. And an overview of the composting process from the beginning to present.

Speaker:                 Louis Langone, Chief Operator, Village of Waterville

Class B –  The Way Life Should Be

A look at the land application project in Ithaca, including the new and innovative programs taking place at the Ithaca Area WWTP, the permitting process, and actual application. Plus, next steps for this program and others in the state.

Speaker:                 Jeff Brinck, New York State Division Manager, Casella Organics

Implementing Technology for the Beneficial Reuse of Municipal Biosolids

Discussing the numerous technology options available to North American communities seeking to generate Class A or Class B biosolids for beneficial reuse. Materials produced from these processes can be used as fertilizer and offer significant benefits to the agricultural market.

Speaker:                  Becky Oehler, Environmental Specialist, Walker Environmental




Emerging Professionals Working Lunch Meeting                           

Attention Emerging Professionals! Whether you're new to the industry or you're a student and eager to get involved, there will be a table set up at lunch to talk about the launch of NYSAR3's new Emerging Professionals Network. Come see the fun we've been up to and how you can get involved!


Concurrent Sessions            

Deconstruction - Not Yet Mainstream But What a Great Idea!

In this session you will hear about experiences directly from the field as well as the as the benefits and disadvantages engaging the public at all levels in the process.

Moderator:             Gary Carrel, Recycling Specialist, Erie County Solid Waste

Community-Driven “Soup-to-Nuts” Deconstruction

In 2007 when Urbanminers began when there were one or two not for-profit reuse centers in the state, now in 2015 there are at least eight. But Urbanminers is still the only for profit and only organization engaged in full deconstruction. Find out why is it such a struggle to move from a demolition-based industry into a deconstruction-based building removal and salvage industry in Connecticut?

Speaker:                 Joe DeRisi, Owner, Urbanminers

The Evolution and Accomplishments of a Deconstruction Company

A look at how building reuse and recycling serves multiple needs in the City of Buffalo from the perspective of a rag-tag group of volunteers to a professional demolition, restoration and retail sales team.  The development of a dynamic business model will be discussed along with the potential of contracting, salvage and deconstruction services, retail sales, and reclaimed material procurement.

Speaker:                 Michael Gainer, President, ReUse Action, Inc.

Deconstruction in the Biggest City in the U.S.

Speaker:                 Justin Green, Co-founder and Director, Build It Green NYC

Deconstruction Guidance and Examples from the Field

This discussion will feature a review of environmental issues related to deconstruction with a look at risk assessment.  The presentation will continue with a look at the real-life experience of a manager of the deconstruction of several houses in 2014 in Syracuse.  Data will be provided on the amount of material recovered and lessons learned.

Speakers:                Jeff Cooper, Business Development Manager and Andrew Ericson, Construction Project Development Manager, Asbestos and Environmental Consulting Corporation


Leadership Skills Training

If you are leading programs related to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling and have staff or stakeholders to work with... this session is for you! Come and learn a range of leadership skills tools to help you better lead your staff or stakeholders through decision-making or project planning.​ Discussion with session attendees is planned to further share information and ideas about how we can move SMM programs forward individual work and throughout New York State.

Moderator:             Peter Pettit, Chief, Bureau of Waste Reduction & Recycling, NYSDEC

Facilitator:               Mark Lichtenstein, President, National Recycling Coalition


Break in the Exhibit Hall                                                                                           


Concurrent Sessions

Achieving Your Diversion Goals - Tapping Into the Organics Fraction

When faced with a diversion goal that seems out of your reach, the best option may be to turn to organics recovery and management. This session will explore some successful residential organics collection strategies that have been implemented in New York State, available technologies for recovering organic materials from a mixed waste stream, and one of the many options for turning recovered organic material into a resource.

Moderator:             Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann, Project Engineer, Cornerstone Environmental

Exploring the Next Frontier of Diversion with Residential Food Scraps Recycling

Tompkins County Solid Waste has been growing its food scraps recycling programs over the past few years in an effort to increase waste diversion rates. Through a residential curbside recycling pilot, multifamily programs, and food scraps recycling drop spots, the county is offering clean, convenient collection for residents. Through this presentation, an overview of these programs will be shared.

Speaker:                 Kat McCarthy, Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist, Tompkins County Solid Waste

Mixed Waste Processing and Organics Recovery 

Speaker:                 Jeffrey Draper, Senior Vice-President, Zero Waste Energy

Anaerobic Digester System Selection for Organics 

This presentation will provide a summary of the different types of AD systems and key differences, and discuss the systems being marketed to address the direction of organics management in the U.S.

Speaker:                  Prentiss Shaw, Professional Engineer, Cornerstone Environmental


College Council

Come join us for a look at the 2014 winners of the College Council grant program as three New York state colleges describe their 3R initiatives on their Campuses. Following the presentations we will debut the new name and include a peak into some of the enhanced benefits.  Come to the session to get the advance information!

Moderator:             Kelli Driessen, Project Manager, Casella Organics

Improving Recycling In High Traffic Locations: UAlbany Library Case Study 

The University at Albany piloted new waste and recycling infrastructure at the university library to create clear, simple and effective education strategies and increase recycling rates.           

Speaker:                Mary Ellen Mallia, Director of Sustainability, SUNY Albany           

Scientific Equipment Reuse Program (SERP)

SUNY Stonybrook has developed the SERP program to reuse obsolete electronic equipment through two goals: to facilitate scientific training in poverty-stricken regions and to reduce scientific equipment waste at Stony Brook University and other local institutions.

Speaker:                 Lorinda Hill, Compost Maven, Rockland Community College

SUNY Sullivan

SUNY Sullivan has initiated a program to increase awareness and educate the community on residential and institutional food waste management practices with a focus on food waste composting methodology and techniques.

Speaker:                 Larry Reeger, Interim Director of Sustainability, Sullivan County Community College
The Future of the College Council Facilitated Discussion


Textile Committee Meeting                                                                            

Building on the success of the last Statewide Stakeholders Summit, the Textile Committee will meet to discuss next steps to keep the momentum of the statewide campaign up.


Exhibitor Reception and Apron Upcycling Fashion Show                                       

The entries for the 3rd Semi-Annual Unrivaled Upcycling Apron Design Challenge will be modeled, judged and awarded during this year’s reception in the exhibit hall. The Challenge aims to remind people that, with a little creativity, what was old can be new again—perhaps even better than it once was! 


Swamp Drivers Band                                                                                         

Join us in the Templeton Lounge for a special performance of the Swamp Drivers, a Central New York Blues Band that plays with instruments they constructed out of salvaged, recycled and upcycled materials. The band is known for their high energy, “primordial drivin, rockin party music straight from the swamp”. Let’s make sure we give a warm, Cooperstown welcome to these fellow rockin recyclers – cash bar, bring your dancing shoes!


26th Annual Recycling Conference & Trade Show

Approaches for Reducing Waste and Conserving Resources through Sustainable Materials Management


Friday, November 6, 2015



Yoga for Every Body: Discover YOUR Practice                                                                                                                            

Start your day with a gentle and rejuvenating yoga class that will include practices in breathing, postures for stretching and strengthening, and tender meditation with a skilled and compassionate yoga teacher. Whether you have NEVER taken a yoga class or you are experienced, this class is for you! Through modifications and a gradient approach, Melissa will ensure an individualized experience and great preparation for a day of mindful conference workshops.

All levels welcome. If possible, please bring your own mat and props

Melissa Young, Pranotthan Certified Yoga Teacher  


Concurrent Sessions

The Real Number - Capturing Comprehensive Diversion Rates

Every state has some kind of recycling goal, whether it’s called the diversion rate, the MSW recycling rate, or even the solid waste recycling rate.  EPA even has a worksheet to calculate what it refers to as the MSW recycling rate.  So, why is that municipalities and solid waste planning units with similar materials management plans and infrastructure may report diversion rates that vary by as much as 25 percent?  This panel will bring together representatives from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and several New York planning units to start the conversation and work toward a standard practice or guidelines for the recycling reporting process.

Moderator:             Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann, Project Engineer, Cornerstone Environmental

Panel:                    David Vitale, Director, Chief, Bureau of Permitting and Planning, NYSDEC

Theresa Mandery, Recycling Specialist, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

Jan Oatman, Regional Recycling Coordinator, Development Authority of the North Country

Prentiss Shaw, Professional Engineer, Cornerstone Environmental


Lessons Learned: Public Engagement And Changing Behaviors In ÃƒÆ’¢â‚¬â€¹Sustainable Materials Management

When the community is engaged in SMM and when your SMM program is shaped by the community's perspectives, the result is a long lasting program that has local support. Come and learn about how to better learn about your communities needs and hear examples of successful community engagement activities.

Moderator:     Melissa Young, Assistant Director, Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center

Beyond Education: Using Social Science to Motivate Action in Your Program

Speaker:          Kaitlin Phelps, Project Manager, Action Research

NYC Public Housing and the Road to Recycling

Speaker:          Marvin Jean-Jacques and Aaron Schraeter, New York City Housing Authority

Examples of Successful Community Engagement Projects

Speaker:          Laura Flagg, Syracuse University, Center for Sustainable Community Solutions


Break in Exhibit Hall                                                                                                                                                 


Plenary Session

Quality of Materials from MRFs

Recently the demand for recovered materials has weakened. Higher contamination levels are blamed, which coupled with lower commodity values, is causing issues for recycling programs throughout New York State and elsewhere. This session will address the issues making quality raw materials creates for MRF operators and materials buyers and will conclude with a new study that identifies solutions for the quality issue.

Moderator:             Dianne Woske, Recycling Coordinator, Fulton County Solid Waste Department

R = Residue: The nightmares of processing recycling

Challenges Facing Materials Recovery Facilities in Consistently Producing Quality Outputs

Speaker:               Bob Cappadona, VP of Recycling, Casella Resource Management

Buyer Perspective - How Buyers View the Fluctuations in Supply Availability And Quality

Speaker:               Billy Jefcoat, Director of Raw Material Procurement, KW Plastics

Moving Forward - How to Improve Quality; Results of the MRF Material Flow Study

Speaker:                Resa Dimino, Director of Public Policy, NAPCOR



Annual Members Meeting

Host:                          James Gilbert, President, NYSAR3

NYSAR3 Recycling Leadership Award Presentation

Host:                          Terry Laibach, Environmental Specialist, NYSDEC, Region 3

Poster Contest Winners Award Presentation

Host:                          Jennifer Kruman, Environmental Program Specialist, NYSDEC 



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