Pre-Conference Workshop

Textile Recovery in New York State - Wednesday, Nov. 5

Workshop Day Moderator – Andrew Radin, Director of Recycling & Waste Reduction, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

Launching the Campaign                                                   

The campaign launch date is finally close at hand! This session will offer an update on the Committee’s progress over the summer, before diving into the “nuts and bolts” of how to launch the campaign in your community and utilize the new website and PR tools. The session will also include an overview of sample plans across the state.  There will be time for community-specific questions.

Introduction and Update on the Campaign

Speaker:           Dan Rain, Recycling Coordinator, Town of Bethlehem, Chair, NYSAR3  Textile Recovery Campaign

Fallston Webinar – Campaign Guidance

Speaker:           Paul Bailey, Director of Strategic Communications, Fallston Group

Website Overview

Speaker:           Lisa Ruggero, Coordinator, NYSAR3

Community Plans

Speakers:          Susan Attridge, Recycling Coordinator, City of Buffalo
                          Jan Oatman, Recycling Coordinator, Development Authority of the North Country
                          Kat McCarthy, Recycling Coordinator, Tompkins County


Digging Deeper                                                                   

This session will begin by closely examining the natural, energy and human resources involved in the life cycle of textiles, and digging deeper into the destiny of non-reusable textiles and the fiber products created with them. We will then investigate how to re-establish good community relations for textile recovery, including: addressing negative perceptions, working with municipal code issues, and discussing NYSAR3’s new Textile Bin Best Management Practices.

Recyclers’ Perspective: Markets and Material Processing

Speaker:           Scott Cynamon, President, Cyntex Co
Bin Best Management Practices, Community Relations and Municipal Codes

Speakers:          Paul Neske, Code Enforcement Officer, Town of Oneonta



Recycling Conference & Trade Show: Beyond the Plateau - Thursday, Nov. 6

Welcome by Dave Lupinski, President, NYSAR3 

Textile Update

The NYSAR3 Textile Reuse and Recycling Campaign is the first coordinated statewide effort of its kind in New York, and one of the most ambitious textile recovery plans in the country. This session will begin with a brief overview of the campaign and the website and PR tools for new arrivals. The main presentation will put NYSAR3‘s campaign in perspective regionally and nationally, from the point of view of a recycler whose company has been a part of our nation’s rich history of textile recovery for generations.     

Moderator:      Dan Rain, Recycling Coordinator, Town of Bethlehem and Chair of NYSAR3 Textile Reuse and Recycling Campaign

Brief Overview of the Campaign and Website

Speaker:           Dan Rain, Recycling Coordinator, Town of Bethlehem                                 

Textile Recovery in NYS and Nationwide

Speakers:          Eric Stubin, Chairman, Council for Textile Recycling

                          Nir Katz, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles


Beyond the Plateau – Update on State Initiatives

What’s the outlook for environmental legislation in the upcoming NYS legislative session?  How will it impact solid waste programs across the state? Get an inside legislative view from Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Environmental Conservation Committee Member representing the 123rd District.

Moderator:      Sal Ervolina, Director, Division of Materials Management, NYSDEC

Speaker:           Donna Lupardo, Assemblywoman, NYS Assembly


Beyond the Plateau – New & Proposed Extended Producer Responsibility

Product Stewardship efforts continue to roll in New York State.  Get an update on emerging developments focusing on alkaline batteries, and implementation of the Mercury Thermostat Collection Act.

Moderator:      Andrew Radin, Director of Recycling and Waste Reduction, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency


Speaker:           Ryan Kiscaden, Senior National Account Exec., Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Alkaline Batteries

Speaker:           Todd Ellis, Director, Stewardship Programs, Call2Recycle


Concurrent Sessions

It’s a Whole New Ballgame: Beyond the Plateau – New Materials              

Recycling rates in NYS and throughout the US rose dramatically from about 10% in 1980 to 30% in 2000. Since that time, rates have remained fairly level, hovering around 32% of MSW generated. It’s time to send that number “out of the park” by considering other materials and how creative messaging can boost recycling rates. 

Moderator:      Kelli Driessen, Project Manager, Casella Organics

Carton Council’s Outreach Program

Speaker:           Barbara Heineken, Consultant, Carton Council

RAPP it Up and Hit a Home Run

Speaker:           Jean Bonhotal, Director, Cornell Waste Management Institute

Beyond the Curb: Successfully Managing the “Miscellaneous” Items

Speaker:           Louis Vetrone, Deputy Commissioner, Westchester County


It’s a Whole New Ballgame: Beyond the Plateau –  Messaging and Maximizing Recovery

Nearly plateaued recycling rates have raised awareness that much-needed boosts in recycling rates are not going to happen on their own. The right kind of collaboration and communication can increase your reach and impact. As traditional outreach struggles to compete with the constant chatter of modern media, finding ways to reach generators can be difficult. These presentations will highlight opportunities for connecting with your community to increase materials recovery through modern strategies including media, legislation, outreach and education. 

Moderator:   Michelle Bergkamp, Recycling Coordinator, Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency

Smartening Your Outreach in the Digital Age

Speaker:        Lisa Skumatz, Ph.D., Principal, Skumatz Economic Research Associates

Vermont’s Legislative Approach to Maximizing Recovery

Speaker:        Ted Siegler, Partner, DSM Environmental Services

Making Recycling Work – Enhanced Facility Design & Education and Outreach

Speaker:        Eadaoin Quinn, Education & Administrative Coordinator, Sims Municipal Recycling


Reception in the Vendor Show & Reverse Fashion Show!!

Are you ready to get creative and show off how well you can upcycle textiles? Look in your closet, raid closets of your friends and family, look in your company’s lost and found box, or shop at your local thrift or consignment store.  Think outside the rack and start some new trends.


Recycling Conference & Trade Show: Beyond the Plateau - Friday, Nov. 7

Concurrent Sessions

Polystyrene Bans vs. Recycling                                                                 

Littered and discarded food service expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the bane of many environmentally minded citizens. New York City and Albany County recently passed EPS bans scheduled to go into effect in the coming months. This session will be a lively moderated debate between an advocate for banning food service EPS and a major manufacturer of EPS products with plenty of audience interaction.

Moderator:      John Nicholson, President, EBC Canada

Recycling is the Way to Go

Speaker:           Christine Cassidy, Recycling Manager, Dart Container

EPS Must be Banned!

Speaker:           Sandy Steubing, PAUSE, Albany County Ban Supporter


Peanuts and Cracker Jacks: Tips and Tools for Managing Food and Food Scraps

Food and food scraps continue to get attention as one of our most underutilized resources.  New tips and tools are available to help municipalities implement a residential excess food reduction campaign.  What can’t be reduced can be recycled locally. Community composting brings neighbors together and creates compost for local projects. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is gaining popularity with institutions and businesses who wish to work with local WWTPs to process their food scraps into energy and other products.

Moderator:  Mary Schwarz, Extension Support Specialist, Cornell Waste Management Institute

Food Too Good to Waste: Tools for Reducing Wasted Food from Residences

Speaker:           Rachel Chaput, Environmental Scientist, US EPA, Region 2

Little League Power: Community Scale Composting Works

Speaker:          Brenda Platt, Co-Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance


When Life Gives You Fruit Salad...Leveraging Existing AD and Conveyance Infrastructure to Promote Organics Diversion 

Speaker:           Kendall Christiansen, Principal, Gaia Strategies


Concurrent Sessions

Environmental Innovations from New York's Educational Institutions

NYSAR3 puts its money where its mouth is with two different grant programs to support environmental projects at educational institutions across the state.  Our Green Schools Grant Program for K-12 schools has benefited more than 75 schools and school districts since it began in 2005.  Last year, our first-ever College Council grant program saw five grants awarded to support innovative projects designed to help solve a recycling or waste management problem on campus.  This session will take a look at both programs, but we'll zero in on the new College Council initiative with representatives of the five grant-recipient institutions describing the impact of the projects that the NYSAR3 grants supported.

Moderator:       John Halenar, Coordinator, NYSAR3 College Council

Enhancing Athletic Event Recycling

Speaker:           John Pumilio, Sustainability Coordinator, Colgate University

Increased Diversion through Event Recycling

Speaker:           Deb Hanson, Director, Housing and Sustainability, Morrisville State College

Building a Better Vermicomposting Bin

Speaker:           Robert Rynk, Director, Center for Environmental Science and Technology, SUNY Cobleskill

The University’s Office Composting Initiative

Speaker:           Mary Alexis Leciejewski, Sustainability Program Assistant, SUNY Albany

Expanding the Campus TerraCycle Program

Speaker:           Kirsten Gabrielsen, Sustainability Coordinator, Orange County Community College


Buy Recycled – EPP

Creating and helping grow demand for products made from recycled materials and environmentally preferred materials is essential. The speakers in this session will talk about their experiences striving to create demand these products and inspire us to take action in our own work lives.

Moderator:      James Gilbert, Board Member, NYSAR3

ISRI's Role in Supplying Quality Raw Materials to Industry

Speaker:           Jonathan Levy, Member Services, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

The Importance of Quality and Availability of Supply in Rubber Asphalt Paving

Speaker:           Mark Edsall, Technical Marketing, All States Asphalt

Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships in the Recycling Supply Chain

Speaker:           David Refkin, Curbside Value Partnership


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