Changes Made for Regional Board Seat Elections

In order to make online elections for all board seats simple, consistent and transparent, the NYSAR3 Board of Directors has put in place an upgraded procedure for electing representatives for the nine regional seats on the board. The following describes the new process for electing Regional Board Seats that will begin in August 2014.

By Dawn Timm 
NYSAR3 Region 9 
Elections Committee Chair

In the past two years if you attended our annual conference at The Otesaga in Cooperstown, then you are familiar with how the At-Large Board positions are announced and coordinated. The NYSAR3 Elections Committee is announcing our upgraded elections procedure for the nine Regional Board Seats. Our goal is to make sure we have simple, consistent and transparent online elections for all of our board seats. 

Election Cycles will stagger, based on Region, with even regions (2, 4, 6, and 8) hosting their election in August of even years (i.e. 2014, 2016, etc.), and odd number regions hosting an election in odd years. 

The process will start with an e-mail calling for nominations, sent to all active members of each region. Once the nominations are in, a Ballot from our internet based service Ballot Bin, will be created. A courtesy e-mail to all voting members will be sent no less than 10 days prior to the election. A second “reminder” e-mail will be sent on a Thursday/Friday prior to the election, followed by a third e-mail containing a unique link to cast a vote on Monday/Tuesday. Voting will remain open for 48 hours and structured to occur during a mid-week cycle. Elections shall conclude on or by September 1st of the current year. 

The “write in” function will be disabled for these elections as the “Call for Nominations” will serve this purpose (self nominations are encouraged). Individual ballots will be created for each Regional election taking place and each ballot will be configured so the election is anonymous. During the election, Administrators will only have the capability to see who has voted. Results will not be available until after the election and will be electronically sent to three sources; Current NYSAR3 President, Elections Committee Chair and NYSAR3 Coordinator in the form of a Microsoft Excel .csv file. 

This August, if you are in an even numbered Region, please check your inboxes for a Call for Nominations and for your unique link to cast your vote.