Working Groups

To achieve the overarching goals of the NYS Food Recovery Campaign, four working groups are actively focusing on specialized, sub-goals. The working groups are made up of industry professionals from across the state who meet once per month to discuss updates and to delegate tasks that will further the campaign. If you are interested in joining one or more of the working groups below, please contact the designated chairperson for more information.

Education: Compiling, organizing, and distributing key information about the issue of food waste and strategies for food recovery.
Chair: Jesse Kerns | SU-CSCS/EFC |

Distribution & Capacity: Increasing the storage and donation abilities of emergency feeding programs as well as their logistical connections with commercial and industrial generators.
Chair: Peter Ricardo | Food Bank of CNY |

Agriculture: Providing NY farmers with information, logistical assistance, and incentives for increasing the donation of unsold produce.
Chair: Kristine Ellsworth | NYSDEC |

Schools: Providing K-12 schools with information and the development of strategies for reducing food waste while supporting students in need.
Chair: Gary Feinland | NYSDEC |